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We accept payments thru and for Credit Cards like VISA Card, Master Card, American Express Card etc and you also don't need to register at paypal to make the payment.

We also accept online Payments thru ICICI Bank or HDFC and Local Payments thru Cheque, DD and Cash also.

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  October 02, 2006

Special Offer on Hosting

Get Double Bandwidth on all new hosting orders.

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  February 10, 2006


We have launched our blog/weblog, now you can also see latest news about us at our blog.

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  January 25, 2006

Check Google's PageRank

We are Proud to announce that we have added facility thru which you can check your google's PageRank and you can also put the PageRank information on your site to attract your users.

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  November 10, 2005

WAP Site/ Portal Launched

We are Proud to announce that our WAP Site/ Portal is also available, Now you can open our site thru your WAP Enabled Mobile, just open or from your mobile browser. You can also check domain availability and domain WHOIS information from our WAP portal, so no worry to check if your domain is available or not while you are not near to computer, Select Check Domain Avilability from our WAP site. Soon, we will add all features in our WAP Portal, so you can do everything from our WAP Portal as you do on computer.

  October 25, 2005


We are glad to inform you about the availability of Low Cost Templates and Premium Templates. Now you can also select your required templates for our site, huge collection to choose from.

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  October 11, 2005


We are glad to inform you about the availability of the FREE Whois Privacy with all the domains registered thru us.

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  April 25, 2005

FREE URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding

We are glad to inform you about the availability of the URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding Domains Facilities for our Customers with lots of Features like Free Domain, FREE URL Cloaking, Free Path Forwarding, Free Branded E-mail with Catch All Account Facility, Free Mail Forwarding, META Tag Support and more...

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  April 7, 2005


We offer Free Search Engine Submission for every Domain Hosted with us. We add your Domain to over 18 Search Engines for Free including Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

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We offer Reseller Plan where you don't need to invest any money. It's free to Start your Reseller Plan!!!

We offer many Secure, Reliable, Attractive and Affordable range of plans for our Resellers!!!

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.IN Registration is available now!

Click Here to check the .IN Domain Availability!

E-Mail Services

Soon we will provide free POP3 & Web Enabled E-Mail Accounts for FREE to our Customers.

We provide you Free Domain under ZONES.IN (YOU.ZONES.IN) to check our services and start your Web Site instantly.
You can also get any other Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, .in,  etc). 
URL Redirection / URL forwarding
URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding/ Domain Forwarding/ Web Forwarding


Our URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding package was designed to provide fast and hassle free solution to everyone who wishes to get URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding with a cool and free domain name, free subdomain of domain name or free short URL, that looks like a real paid domain or to have URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding with the paid Domain like .com, .net, .in etc domain names:

Do you have a long website address, that is difficult to remember?

Do you want your website to look professional without obtaining a paid domain name?

Do you often change your web hosting providers, so that you have to change your website address as well?

Free Domain name signup We have a perfect solution for you:

 Signup for a free domain name Signup for Free domain or Paid Domain Name with URL Redirection!

and use this free domain name or paid domain name to access your website, no matter where it is hosted.

Just signup and we setup a URL Redirection with URL Cloaking (URL Masking) and forward it to your real website URL. We provide many other features, about which you can learn more here

Features Check if your Free .ZONES.IN Domain Name is still available:



Features of URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding package:

Basic Free Domain Name URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding Package: Let's list the most important FEATURES of this package here:

 Free domain name, free subdomain name Free Domain Name - that is a free subdomain name of domain

free url, short url Free Short Url - we provide one of the shortest free web address on the net.. What can be shorter than a domain name? - Only a free domain name :)

Free URL redirection, Free URL forwarding Free URL Redirection also known as Free URL Forwarding service to redirect your free domain name or paid domain name to your real website address

Free Url Cloaking, Free URL Masking Free URL Cloaking also known as Free URL Masking - is used to mask a real website address with the Free Domain Name or Paid Domain Name. So, your free domain name will always be in the location bar of your website visitors

Free Path Forwarding Free Path Forwarding for both subdirectories and files. It is used if one want to access e.g. a subdirectory using a free or paid domain name address (

Branded E-Mail with Catch All Account Free Branded E-Mail with Catch All Account - get a branded email address like or and redirect all mail sent to it to your real email address. Catch All Account allows you to have as many Branded E-Mails as you want and you also not miss any e-mail if the your visitor misspelled your e-mail from to

Free E-Mail Forwarding Free E-Mail Forwarding also known as Free Mail Forwarding - is used to forward your Branded E-Mail to your free e-mail account

Use with or without WWW Ability to use your free domain name with and without WWW

Meta tags and keywords for a free domain name The most important META TAGS and Keywords are supported - they are very important for your website to be indexed by search engines

and much, much more


FAQ Regarding URL Redirection/ URL Forwarding Package:

No ads at all Are there any banner ads or popup ads?

There is no Popup ads or any other type of ads, but there is a Banner of our company below in the Free Domain (but not included in Paid Domains having URL Redirection). You can check the Banner, how it looks and where it is place from this address, we can change the contents of this Banner but the Height of this Banner will not be increased more than this.

No ads at all Can you remove this banner?

Yes, to remove this Banner from Your Free Domain you have to pay us just Rs. 99/ $2.55 per Year.

No ads at all Can you provide POP3 (Web Enable) Branded E-Mail with this Pack?

Yes, to have a POP3 Branded E-Mail with 5 MB Space, you have to pay us just Rs. 99/ $2.55 per Year which includes Catch All, Web base email, Auto Responder, Store & Forwarder, SPAM Blocker, Antivirus etc. You can also purchase more Space for your POP3 E-Mail than 5 MB.

No ads at all Is there any Special offer if I buy both Remove Banner from Free Domain and also Add POP3 E-Mail Account with Free Domain?

Yes, You can buy our Combo Pack which include both Remove Banner and 5 MB POP3 (Web Enabled) Branded E-Mail with all features mentioned above in just Rs. 155/ $3.95 per Year.

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